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Sunday, April 10, 2011

babies, blessings, and bath time...

nicollete ava is an incredibly special girl. she was born premie and is still at the hospital getting the best care so that she can be strong and healthy. i cannot wait for her to finally come home to all of the people who love her so much. all of her loved ones threw a baby shower in her honor today.

after hearing about the situation...i wanted more than anything to make this cake as spectacular as possible. i used the invitation as inspiration for the cake. the invitation is yellow with subtle white dots and of course a bath tub filled with various animals. i got a bit of assistance on the animal sculptures from my momma.

the cake was chocolate oreo covered in vanilla buttercream and fondant.  i incorporated some decoration techniques i've used before but made them slightly different.  and of course steamed it at the end.  everything is edible aside from structural cake boards, columns, toothpicks, and the straw.  
april 2011

april 2011

april 2011

april 2011
many thanks to inhar for getting me the job and taking the pictures for me!