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Saturday, June 25, 2011

apple for the teacher...

though i have yet to meet marian in person i already know that she is an amazing person. marian has been teaching esol english and fast math for many years and is now retiring to take some time off for herself. not only has she dedicated so much of her time investing students, but she has also raised a daughter who has become a teacher herself. alissa is a co-worker of mine who asked me to make a cake for her mother's retirement party. marian is going to leave the east coast and enjoy sometime on the west coast!

the cake is a strawberry shortcake covered in buttercream frosting. it is covered in fondant and decorated to honor this teacher who has dedicated so much of herself.
june 2011
the apple isn't quite as realistic as i'd hoped...i will definitely need to practice my sculpting.

hats off to the graduate...

i met ellen a couple months ago at a mutual friend's bridal shower and then again at the wedding. when she found out that i had made the wedding cake, ellen was shocked and then proceeded to ask if i had made any graduation cakes. her son was going to graduate from high school so she just threw the idea out there. about a month ago i received an email from ellen requesting this graduation cake. when she told me that her son was graduating from fairfax high school, my high school, i was excited.

the cake was a chocolate oreo cake covered in vanilla buttercream frosting. then covered in fondant and decorated to honor the graduate's years of studying and hard work resulting in his high school graduation.
june 2011
hoped to make the books more realistic looking but had a bit of difficulty working with the rectangular cakes.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

the bride...and bridesmaids wore white...

my co-worker michelle said that for the past two years she has been looking for an excuse to ask me to bake her a cake. well...she finally found one! one of her dear friends is getting married, so michelle asked me to bake a cake for her bridal shower. i have never met the bride, but from what i've heard she sounds like an awesome girl! unlike other brides who curse anyone who dares wear white to her wedding, this bride is actually going to dress her bridesmaids in white alongside her. her dress will of course out shine her friends, but i can definitely see how this makes for great photos! men in black...women in white...simple and gorgeous!

the cake is a strawberry shortcake covered in vanilla buttercream frosting.  this was covered in fondant and decorated to honor the bride's fashion sense and her three bridesmaids who are hard at work planning!
june 2011

june 2011

june 2011