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Saturday, August 20, 2011

i do domo...

i met clara and anand in harrisonburg during our jmu days. after meeting them i remember thinking that they were two of the genuinely nicest people i had ever met. years later back in nova...when i had heard that they were engaged to be married...i couldn't have been happier for them.

a couple months ago clara and anand were ironing out details for their wedding and though they had set on cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake...they were still looking for a top tier for the cake cutting ceremony. jangeun, one of clara's bridesmaids, is a dear friend of mine. she is probably my biggest supporter...having been the first person to hire me for a cake job. did i mention it was for her wedding? (this can be found in a previous entry)  

anyways...jangeun suggested clara ask me...and ask she did. they were looking for a simple cake to top off their cupcake tower. the cake was requested to be a color that wouldn't get caught in the teeth...as to not make for some embarrassing pictures! the best part of the cake is definitely the domo bride and domo groom. these have to be the cutest wedding cake toppers i have ever seen!

strawberry shortcake covered in vanilla buttercream and fondant decorated with pink pearls
august 2011
as clara and i emailed about details for the cake shown above, she mentioned wanting to surprise anand with a groom's cake. since he loves to break dance she sent me a picture of his favorite shoes and asked if i could make a cake to resemble the shoes. i have been making a few cakes to match invitations recently...but nothing this realistic. this cake took a lot of planning and detailed work...but i was extremely happy with the way the shoes turned out.

the shoebox is strawberry shortcake with vanilla buttercream...the shoes are rice krispy treats with royal icing...all covered and decorated in fondant
august 2011

august 2011

boys just wanna have FUNfetti...

for the past couple years my older brother's friend has been requesting a special birthday cake resembling that which he loves most...a cookie ice cream sandwich. bobby has been asking year after year only to be disappointed when i didn't deliver. this year my brother asked me to make a birthday cake for bobby and of course his request is what immediately came to mind. sadly, my brother informed me that ice cream wouldn't survive the drive into dc where they were eating dinner. so i decided to make a slight alteration to the cake substituting ice cream for bobby's favorite kind of cake...FUNFETTI!

funfetti cake (made from scratch) with a cookies & cream filling covered in vanilla buttercream sandwiched between two 14" cookies.
august 2011
i was pleasantly surprised with how well the homemade cookie cakes turned out!