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Sunday, January 9, 2011

the happiest place on earth...

a couple weeks ago, jackie asked me if i had ever made a cake for a retirement party.  my response was "no, but i'd love to try!" i was very enthusiastic because jackie's daughter is the sweet little girl birdie...who i made the birdcage cake for. since she had been the one to jump start my fondant cakes...i felt i had to put the best i could into this one...no matter what she wanted.

the cake is for a co-worker of jackie who is retiring.  the theme is "vintage travel" and the woman happens to LOVE walt disney world.  she apparently travels there twice a year!  jackie gave me creative freedom...but hoped i would incorporate disney world.

the cake was just for display so the inside was styrofoam.
i decided to go with vintage suitcases and hat box in pale shades to go with the theme. then i wanted to add some disney accents. the ticket is an actual copy of the disney world tickets from the 80's.
january 2011

january 2011
i was happy with the overall look of the cake...but still trying to work out little things...like how to get rid of the powdered sugar residue...=[

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