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Thursday, November 25, 2010

cherries for the golden girl...

one of my best friends...cynthia...has been on my case for years because i have yet to ever make her a birthday cake. i love her to death...but unfortunately her birthday usually falls right around...and this year...on thanksgiving. with all of the festivities going on with family and church...it's tough to set aside some time when the oven isn't already in use to make her a decent cake.

this year...she very politely...demanded that i make her a cake for her golden birthday. turning 25 on the 25th is very special! so for this very special occasion...i wanted to put together a cake that was different from all others i had made.

this is a red velvet cake filled with cream cheese frosting...wrapped in lady fingers drizzled with chocolate...topped with as many cherries as i could fit!
november 2010
november 2010

november 2010

this cake finished off my crazy marathon of 8 days...4 cakes...3 birthdays...and 1 wedding! 

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